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Hope for Clean Water on World Water Day

Reported by Convoy of Hope
World Water Day

March 22, 2023, is World Water Day. Regardless of where someone lives in the world, clean water is essential for a healthy life. Join us as we provide clean water around the world.

More than 2 billion people — one in every four people on the planet — lack access to safe drinking water. This increases the risk of waterborne illnesses, dehydration, and insufficient hygiene, and further compounds poverty, malnutrition, and reduced economic opportunities.

World Water Day
Clean water is delivered to a rural village in Kenya where a years-long drought has left communities with very few options for water to drink and grow crops.

Clean water is an integral part of each Convoy of Hope initiative, which is why Convoy is committed to providing access to safe drinking water to communities around the world. 

Clean Water for Crops

Clean water is essential for sustainable development. A village in Indonesia had the knowledge and skills to grow plants and vegetables, but the only water they had access to came from a polluted river. When they drank from the river, they reported itchy skin. Their children became sick. Their crops would not grow. 

World Water Day

Convoy of Hope partnered with this community to build a well. Now, they can grow their own plants and vegetables. The community is transformed. They have flourishing crops and can feed their families, which only builds upon their food security.

Water During Disaster

Water insecurity can hit at unexpected times in unexpected places. Water provision is a big part of Convoy’s disaster responses. When infrastructure is compromised by severe weather, clean water is often difficult to access consistently. During hurricane responses, individuals and families receive bottled water at distribution events.

The wildfires that rage across western states also impact access to clean water. Wildfires can contaminate water sources, rendering them unsafe for consumption. They can also damage water infrastructure, leading to shortages and disruptions in the water supply. Convoy of Hope sends truckloads of water to communities during times of devastation due to wildfires.

Water crises happen all over the U.S. for a variety of reasons. Excess rain can damage water filtration pumps. Other times, community water sources become polluted from outside factors like chemical spills or pollution. Convoy of Hope responds to these water crises with loads of bottled water to distribute to communities in need.

Water in Times of War

The war in Ukraine has devastated Ukrainians in and outside of the country. At least half of the infrastructure in Ukraine is damaged, causing rolling blackouts and limiting access to clean water. Along with other relief supplies, Convoy of Hope provided water filters during distribution. Afterward, Convoy received reports that people used these water filters to purify the water found in puddles — making it safe to drink.

Convoy of Hope continues to provide clean water to communities around the world, ensuring that they have what is needed to thrive. To join Convoy in this mission, donate to the clean water fund.



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