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The potential for lasting change is in the soil, and the best solutions are grown at home. With Convoy of Hope’s agricultural training and resources, local farmers’ fields take on new life.

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What We Do

Hope in every harvest.

Food security transforms communities by lifting people out of dependence for their daily sustenance. Through Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture programme, vulnerable farmers and families are equipped with skills, tools, and seeds to produce life-sustaining crops.

Thousands of meals are harvested each year, some of which are used to support Convoy’s Children’s Feeding program — simultaneously generating income for local farmers.

Since Convoy came to our village, I have learned that there is so much we can do in this village. I will definitely continue and work because my eyes are open now.

Tamang, Nepal


By the numbers.

Training agriculture participants to grow more

Growth in the agriculture sector is two to four times as effective in raising incomes among the poorest compared to other sectors.

Agriculture training leads to bigger harvests

Growth in income from agriculture contributes to 52% of global poverty reduction.

Agricultural training helps farmers raise animals.

Of 570 million farms in the world, 500 million are family-owned.

Agriculture training helps increase yields of beans

More than 1 billion people globally rely on rice production for their livelihoods.

Agriculture training participants in their greenhouse

Family farms produce around 80% of the world’s food.


From the ground up.

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Cultivating sustainable communities through agriculture training.

Convoy of Hope works alongside local communities to create sustainable sources of nutrition in order to increase food security.

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Agriculture Training

Agriculture is complex. Ever-changing variables like soil health, climate, and pests can have a major impact on all aspects of production. Training in agricultural best practices equips farmers with life-changing knowledge and the ability to grow more.

From kids in school to commercial farmers, Convoy teaches the most effective agricultural practices for each community. This is done by:

  • • Facilitating hands-on agricultural projects at schools.
  • • Training participants to produce and preserve food so their families have access to year-round nutrition.
  • • Engaging farmers in food production and preservation on a community or commercial scale.
Child participates in agriculture training

Extension & Research

Through relationships with local governments, colleges, scientists, and businesses, Convoy of Hope is conducting practical research that establishes new farming benchmarks in areas struggling with food insecurity.

harvest of melons by agriculture training participants


By working to foster food-secure communities, Convoy is exploring long-term solutions to systemic problems. Techniques on food storage, processing, and preservation are being implemented. These methods help local farmers and economies thrive while promoting global food security.