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Lebanon Crisis: Winterization Supplies Delivered

Lebanon Reported by Convoy of Hope
Lebanon crisis

The Lebanon crisis has reached a new level of severity. It now ranks third in the top 10 countries hit hardest by food price inflation. The population has felt the devastating effects of COVID-19, the Beirut port explosion, and the widespread impact of the conflict in Ukraine.

The nation hosts nearly more than 800,000 registered Syrian refugees and the government estimates another 500,000 unregistered refugees, who are among the most vulnerable.

One of the most difficult and daily problems Lebanon faces is a lack of electricity. The government only provides households electricity for one hour a day. According to Convoy’s partner on the ground, because of the increase in demand, the removal of government subsidies, and the conflict in Ukraine, fuel prices have spiked by 460% in the past two years.

And with an even higher demand for fuel because of lowering winter temperatures, many of Lebanon’s 5.5 million residents are reaching their breaking points.

Emergency Assistance Underway in Lebanon Crisis

Convoy of Hope has taken action by sending truckloads of winterization relief supplies, including winter clothes, blankets, diapers, generators, and fuel. Convoy teams have worked in Lebanon before, responding in a similar manner by sending heating fuel to vulnerable families. Convoy has also worked with local partners to canvas neighborhoods and provide specific needs, like medical supplies, prescriptions, and transportation.

After the devastating explosion in Beirut, Convoy joined local partners to help those greatly affected by the blast. Teams provided loads of relief supplies, which included anything from sheltering supplies like tarps, doors, and windows, to food and hygiene kits.

In the midst of devastating winter storms in 2019, Convoy met with partners on the ground and shipped containers full of heating fuel, tarps, winter gear, solar lanterns, and more.

Long-Term Help

In an effort to build and maintain sustainable solutions, Convoy of Hope implemented its Agriculture initiative in Lebanon. Teams helped with the construction of multiple greenhouses and the planting of 700 fruit trees, providing all necessary soil and compost to sustain them. Convoy has also provided solar generators and water catchment and retention systems.

In Beirut, Convoy implemented urban gardens. Families now have the training, knowledge, and supplies needed to grow and nurture gardens on their rooftops.

Lebanon crisis - rooftop garden

“This project has had results we did not expect,” said Convoy’s Kourtney Brown. “The morale booster and the emotional benefits of these gardens showed us how much people are benefiting from this purposeful work. With the economic situation worsening, these gardens have been a light in the dark. The vegetables and fruits they have provided have been a blessing to all involved.”

Through unexpected disasters and daily difficulties, Convoy of Hope is dedicated to helping vulnerable individuals and families in Lebanon. To support Convoy’s work in Lebanon and around the world, click here.



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