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Pause for a Moment to Recognize World Refugee Day 2024

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Life for a refugee is marked by uncertainty, hardship, and loss. Forced to flee conflict or persecution, they often endure dangerous journeys, separation from loved ones, and inadequate living conditions in overcrowded camps. Despite these challenges, refugees show remarkable resilience and strength, striving to rebuild their lives in unfamiliar environments.

A Critical Situation

There are a staggering 37.6 million refugees around the world today. And that number does not include those who are internally displaced — meaning conflict, persecution, or disaster has forced them to flee their homes but they have not crossed international borders.

Refugee Poland border

World Refugee Day is an international day designated by the U.N. to honor refugees around the globe. It falls each year on June 20 and shines a light on the rights, needs, and dreams of those forced to flee.

This World Refugee Day, Convoy of Hope wants to recognize, honour, and bring awareness to the tens of millions of refugees around the world. The need for support and solidarity is more critical than ever. 

Our Work With Refugees

Refugees face numerous challenges. Beyond losing their homes and leaving life as they know it, refugees are often forced to shelter in overcrowded, makeshift camps. Food is scarce, clean water is nonexistent, and disease spreads rapidly. 

Convoy works in many refugee camps — from the settlements in South Sudan to the camps in Athens, Greece — to provide relief to those forced to uproot their lives and flee. 

In Athens, Convoy provides groceries throughout the week to refugees living in the city. Last year, Convoy partnered with Athens Christian Center to build a laundromat for refugee families to use. Every week, at least 50 loads of laundry have cycled through the laundromat, and it provides a space for these families to connect with each other and resources. 

Convoy has been responding to the refugee crisis in Europe since 2013. Refugee centers were over capacity and settlements had sprung up in city parks, sporting centers, streets, and even petrol stations. “We couldn’t overlook the need,” said Convoy’s Tamar Fernandez.

Initial distributions included water, hygiene kits, thermal blankets, stoves, tents, and sleeping bags. Convoy also staged shower and toilet containers in the camps. Now, Convoy’s work has expanded into helping with asylum applications, creating resumes to apply for jobs, training and education, and language lessons. 

Nearly 2.32 million Sudanese people have fled from violent conflict into neighboring countries, including South Sudan. Convoy is working in refugee camps in South Sudan to provide food, mosquito nets, and tents. Though the rough terrain, weather, and language barriers present continuous challenges, Convoy of Hope’s partners persist, showing compassion and bringing hope to people who desperately need it. 

What Can You Do?

The problems refugees face are daunting, and trying to help can seem futile. But the effort to feed one more child, provide one more family with shelter, or ensure one more person has access to clean water and hygiene supplies is never wasted.

You can help Convoy of Hope assist refugees by donating. Through Convoy of Hope, refugees receive immediate relief, giving them hope for a better future.



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