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Clean Water Is Life

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Today is World Water Day, and Convoy of Hope is joining the worldwide effort to raise awareness on the importance of clean water. In 2021, Convoy of Hope distributed more than 3 million containers of water to people in need. Already in 2022, Convoy has distributed water to Ukrainian refugees living in a new world created by war.

Because access to clean water is a global problem, Convoy believes it will take a global effort to solve it. Convoy is honored to work with incredible people and organizations who are making sure vulnerable communities have access to clean water — people like Pastor Chuck Glass.

In July 2019, Pastor Chuck partnered with Convoy of Hope on a trip to Tanzania, one of the many countries where Convoy works. The villagers didn’t know it at the time, but after Chuck’s visit, their lives, and their childrens’ lives would never be the same.

“One of Chuck’s quotes was, ‘You can’t do everything, but you can do something,’” said Amanda Marshall, one of Pastor Glass’ co-workers.

Amanda said Chuck’s heart for all to have access to safe drinking water only grew after that trip. His passion spilled over onto the entire congregation at Northside Assemblies of God church in Bonifay, Florida, where Chuck pastored.

“He was always trying to think of ways to reach those outside the church,” Amanda explained. Digging a water well was part of that mission.

Before Pastor Chuck could raise the money to dig a well, he was killed in a car crash en route to Louisiana, where he planned to deliver supplies and work for a week with hurricane relief efforts.

“We ended up doing a #BeLikeChuck T-shirt fundraiser,” Amanda said. “With the donations that came in and the profits from the t-shirt sales, we were able to raise $14,323 in just a few months — all of which was used to fund the expense of drilling a well in that African village. That well will provide an entire community with fresh water!”

Northside received a huge outpouring of support from people wanting to do something to remember Chuck and his heart for the Tanzanians he met.

“Clean water is something we often take for granted in America, but it was one of Chuck’s goals to make it happen there, and I’m so glad we were able to reach that goal for him!”

Convoy of Hope exists to help the poor and suffering, which couldn’t be done without your help. To learn more about how you can bring clean drinking water to those in need, visit

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