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Delivering Relief After Flooding in Colombia

Columbia Reported by Convoy of Hope

A week ago, Convoy of Hope delivered more mattresses to a community in northwest Colombia recovering from flooding. However, the impact Convoy and its partners have been making there goes back months. 

When the flooding struck in April, it damaged every home. Amid several inches of mud, people lost mattresses, walls crumbled, and a community that was already vulnerable was left in shambles. Some survivors completely lost hope. 

Thanks to a local church that had already built strong connections within the area, Convoy was able to provide hope. Before the distribution last week, the pastor, Erbin, was showing the Convoy team around town when a woman named Esther called over to him and shared her story.

Esther had lost everything in the flood and tried to end her life as a result. She attempted three times, but the rope she was using fell apart each time. The police were able to intervene, and she walked away with only a small injury.

After she told her story, Esther started to cry as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Erbin was able to be there for her after their conversation — Esther was one of the people to receive a surprise mattress at the first distribution.

Convoy’s Brian Correia said Esther’s story is an example of how churches provide that necessary link in times of crisis: They are known, trusted, and can help Convoy respond to the real needs in the community.

“Her openness to share in her moment of need solidifies that need to have somebody in difficult times,” Brian said. “Local churches allow us to do just that: create community. That’s such a need during disasters.”

He said the church has been strategically working with Convoy on meeting the needs of their community. They are planning ahead to meet future needs.

“People here have been insanely blessed by the generosity of Convoy. We’re so grateful to work with them.”

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