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Convoy Helps Mother Throw First Ever Birthday Party

Tanzania Reported by Convoy of Hope

“It was the first time we’ve been able to celebrate a birthday,” Betelhem said proudly.

Behind her, decorations from her daughter’s 13th birthday celebration hung on the wall. To Betelhem and her family, the significance of those decorations stretch far beyond a single day; they mark an important milestone.

After joining Convoy of Hope’s Economic Empowerment program, Betelhem saw her life change dramatically. The program equipped her with financial education, vocational training, cooperative saving groups, and start-up capital.

At the start of the program, each woman engages in self-esteem building activities and is provided with education in basic literacy and numeracy, family health and nutrition, family planning, and the prevention of communicable diseases like HIV. After going through this training, women participate in income-generating activities as they launch their own small business. Convoy of Hope teams monitor their activity to provide support and ensure success.

Thanks in large part to the skills she learned through Convoy of Hope’s training, Betelhem started a laundry business in 2018. Now, she’s generating enough income to care for her six children and disabled sister, invest in her company, save, and celebrate more than ever before.

Thanks to your support, Convoy of Hope’s Economic Empowerment projects are helping mothers around the world provide for themselves and their families — affording them increased opportunities to celebrate life’s precious milestones with the dignity every person deserves.

For information about how you can be part of empowering women like Betelhem through Convoy:Women, click here.



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