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The Village

Reported by Convoy of Hope

By Hal Donaldson

When our truck arrived at a remote village in Tanzania, we were greeted with chants and cheers. Convoy of Hope helps women in this African village learn job skills and start businesses — and feed their children. In honor of our visit they had donned their finest robes and jewelry.


The tribal chief approached our team with a handshake and smile. Through an interpreter, he said, “Thank you for coming. We are grateful you are here.” He guided us to several makeshift stools, where we sat and listened to the women sing and share testimonies of gratitude for the work of Convoy of Hope.


Finally, the chief motioned for me to join him up front. He proceeded to drape a cape around my neck and place a scepter in my hand. “Today, you are an honorary member of our tribe,” he said. “We thank Convoy of Hope for what you do to help our women and children.”

Our country directors were also honored that day with gifts and a special ceremony. Week after week, the couple travels hours to reach this village in order to offer help and hope. I could see the love and respect in the villagers’ eyes for our country directors. I also saw hope and pride in the villagers’ faces as they talked about their new lives as business owners and wage earners.

At that moment, I wished every person who supports the work of Convoy of Hope, like you, could have seen the undeniable impact of your giving. The lives of these women have been transformed and their children have been given a future. Because of your kindness and generosity, this village will never be the same.



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