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“The Need Is Still There”: Providing Relief Months After Hurricane Ida

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Relief months after Hurricane Ida

In August 2021, Convoy of Hope quickly sprang into action when Hurricane Ida made landfall. After providing millions of pounds of relief supplies to survivors, Convoy is still helping communities months after Hurricane Ida.

“In some ways, you would have thought the storm happened last week,” said Stacy Lamb of Convoy’s Disaster Services team.

In parts of southern Louisiana, debris still litters the streets. Several homes rely on temporary solutions for shetler, and many structures bear the same damage as they did the day the rain stopped.

“The amount of blue tarps that are still everywhere is pretty striking,” Stacy said. “It’s a sobering reminder.”

While long-term relief efforts continue, Convoy of Hope is hosting recovery events in communities still recovering from Ida. At these public events, Convoy provides survivors with hot meals, groceries, housewares, and other items to help people rebuild.

Continued relief after Hurricane Ida
An aerial view of Convoy of Hope’s event on Saturday, May 16. More than 500 families were provided with continued relief after Hurricane Ida.

“We know that the need is still there,” Stacy explained.

Before Convoy of Hope’s latest recovery event took place on May 14, a long line of cars began to form as volunteers and team members set up. More than 500 families came to the event in search of help.

Convoy of Hope plans to host another similar event later this year. Simultaneously, Convoy is helping survivors rebuild by providing new roofs, furniture, appliances, drywall, flooring, and other necessities.

Because of your support, Convoy of Hope will continue to meet needs months after Hurricane Ida. Thank you for partnering with Convoy as we continue to meet needs long after disaster strikes.



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