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Progress Through Partnership: Africa’s Hunger Crisis

Kenya Reported by Convoy of Hope
Africa hunger relief

A broad network of like-minded people and organizations is essential to reversing the damage of drought and malnutrition. In the first week of September, Convoy of Hope and its partners at SERV International distributed 300,000 meals to communities across northern Kenya. These communities are some of many caught in the talons of Africa’s hunger crisis.

“The community members in the villages were grateful to Convoy of Hope for going out of their way to bring hope and food to their remote villages,” said a member of the SERV team.

The villages stand in isolation, with no nearby schools, maintained roads, stores, or medical clinics. Simply getting to them is a challenge — a four-wheel-drive vehicle is the only practical option. It’s in these areas that food is most needed.

Before Convoy of Hope’s team ever arrived, community members camped in groups under trees and patiently waited. When they saw the delivery vehicle, they ran toward it.

Before the distribution, Convoy demonstrated how to prepare the food. A few young boys gathered firewood, placed the logs in the middle of three big rocks, and lit a fire. One of the women brought out a large pot that the team used to prepare the meal.

All the children sat around the fire, watching the food cook until it was ready. After everyone ate, the change in the atmosphere was palpable.

A Step in the Right Direction

“The once weak and gloomy children [are] now happy and playful,” reported a SERV team member. “The mothers were especially happy to see their children smiling and playing again. They hope that they will receive more food from the team.”

Every meal distributed is a step in the right direction. And through partnerships with organizations throughout Africa, Convoy of Hope is doing everything possible to help people affected by relentless drought and hunger. To read more about what this hunger crisis means, click here.



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