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Life After Dorian: Convoy of Hope Continues To Provide

The Bahamas Reported by Convoy of Hope

“The entire roof blew from right over our heads,” Ryan Forbes said. Ryan and his community felt the full force of Hurricane Dorian when it struck the Bahamas in 2019. “After a while, even the walls left from around us.”

Dorian, the worst natural disaster in the island nation’s history, claimed more than 70 lives and caused an estimated $3.4 billion in damage.

“Water was just everywhere,” Pastor Robert Lockhart said. “Things were floating all about.” He recalled feeling the walls shake and hearing a locomotive sound while sheltering from the hurricane. Then everything went dark, and he realized they had no connection to the world outside of the disaster zone.

Although Hurricane Dorian struck almost two years ago, Convoy of Hope continues to provide help to those affected by the storm and the pandemic, which followed close on its heels. From groceries to boat motors and furniture, Convoy of Hope has worked hard to provide hope for these people with the help of partnership.

Frevamae Wilson was one of the many people struggling to find a sense of normalcy after Dorian tore through the Bahamas. “Everything was destroyed,” she said. Frevamae explained that the 6-foot flood waters filled her home and swept her belongings away, including her furniture. She tore off the plywood used to board up her windows and used it as a makeshift bed. She made due with 5-gallon buckets for seating.

“You all came, you all gave me the first two pieces of furniture in my house — my settee and my dining room table — and I will cherish those,” Frevamae said after Convoy of Hope presented her with new pieces from Ashley Furniture.

Pastor Robert continues to partner with Convoy of Hope to provide relief after the storm. “You were literally feeding thousands of people every day, not only from the hurricane, but also the pandemic,” he said.

Thanks to our supporters and partners, Convoy of Hope is providing hope for people in the Bahamas. Together, we can provide hope in every storm.

“To all of those that have helped make this possible, we want to let you know that your giving has blessed so many people,” Pastor Robert said. “The support and the help was actually life-saving for the people of Grand Bahama.”



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