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Convoy Provides 1 Million Additional Meals in Haiti

Haiti Reported by Convoy of Hope
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In response to food insecurity in Haiti, Convoy of Hope has shipped six containers of rice and soy meals from Convoy’s World Distribution Center. By working with partner Mission of Hope, Convoy has already distributed more than 1 million meals.

“Our partnerships in Haiti have enabled us to focus on addressing the issue of food insecurity in the country over the past few months,” said Convoy of Hope’s Chris Dudley. “In a time when Haitians are really struggling to access necessary nutrition, Convoy has been able to navigate some of the many challenges that come with working there. There is hope ahead of us.”

The combined effects of inflation on household goods, political turmoil, COVID-19, and below-average rainfall have led to an increase in crisis-level food insecurity for Haitian families. This is especially visible in areas still rebuilding from last year’s earthquake. Damaged roads, bridges, and thousands of homes have plunged more Haitians into deep hunger.

Convoy’s partnerships with organizations like Mission of Hope and Days for Girls have kept the response from ever dwindling. In fact, programming expanded in the months following the disaster.

“We love working with Convoy of Hope, as our missions and values are aligned. And we are mutually committed to elevating local leaders and local solutions within the women’s health sector,” said Leyla Isin-Xiong, Chief Programs Officer at Days for Girls. Days for Girls provides washable menstrual health kits and distributes them through Convoy’s program centers.

Hope can’t happen in a vacuum, which is why partnerships with organizations like Mission of Hope and Days for Girls are so important. Together, we are making transformative change in communities around the world.



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