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Lela’s Dreams Persist Despite Drought & Pandemic

Kenya Reported by Convoy of Hope

“The cycle of drought in Kenya has been getting tighter and tighter through the years,” said Chris Dudley, Convoy of Hope’s Stabilization & Humanitarian Intervention Director.

Droughts are not uncommon in Kenya, but women like Lela* remember a time when they only occurred every decade or two.

“Our villages are prone to conflict that are caused by lack of resources,” Lela said. 

The stress of the current drought in Kenya combined with the pandemic made Lela’s dreams seem out of reach. “I had no business training as I have never gone to school and [had] no capital to start my business,” she said.

After she joined Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment program in Kenya, Lela soon realized that her dreams of a better life were more achievable than she thought. Through the program, she learned how to breed and herd goats, how to manage her finances, and how to define her own self-worth.

“It has opened my eyes on what women can do. My life and family life has changed. We have better meals on a daily basis,” she said.

Lela’s venture has since grown exponentially. She now does business as far away as Ethiopia and can provide well for her family. Her son also recently graduated high school and is expanding his career prospects. 

“Anyone can change and have hope and bring food on the table,” Lela said.

Because of your support, women around the world are seizing new opportunities and creating lives full of hope and confidence. Thank you for changing Lela’s story.

*Name has been changed.



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