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How One Opportunity Changed Tsegay’s Life

Ethiopia Reported by Convoy of Hope

Tsegay [SEE-gay] has always been an entrepreneur at heart. But without the right resources and education, success was elusive. Now, as a participant in Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment program in Ethiopia, Tsegay’s dream of running a successful business has come true.

“It was a tiresome job,” Tsegay said, thinking back to when she used to sell injera, an Ethiopian flatbread. “There was no demand [for injera].”

Seeing that her business was not providing well for herself and her children, Tsegay tried selling coffee instead.

“This one also failed,” she said. Tsegay knew that a pivotal ingredient to success was missing. “Basic knowledge in business and faith in your work are necessary.”

When Tsegay joined Women’s Empowerment, she found just that. She learned valuable skills to help her run her next business, manage her money well, and have confidence — grounded in market research — in her work.

“One of the main things I got from the training is knowing the market,” Tsegay said. “I have also learned the importance of focus and commitment for success.”

Soon, Tsegay had her life-changing business idea. “I realized that the area I live in is ideal for cattle rearing, especially for dairy products,” she said. “So Convoy of Hope bought me a cow, which gave birth after some months. By selling milk and butter, I am living well now. I am feeding my four children well and sending them to school. I am also saving money in a bank.”

Tsegay’s goal is to continue expanding her dairy farm so that her children can take over when they are older. She hopes that, at that point, she will have a milk processing plant as well.

“I would like to thank this organization and its supporters,” Tsegay said. “I consider myself a fortunate person.”

Tsegay’s life is representative of thousands of women around the world beginning new chapters through Women’s Empowerment. Thank you for changing her story.

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