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How Early Intervention Changed Zuri’s Story

Honduras Reported by Convoy of Hope

“In my family, several people were left without work, so we had to find the means to bring food to our house,” Katherine said.

In many ways, the pandemic made life much more difficult for Katherine and her daughter, Zuri.

Less income meant more effort was required of Katherine to support her family. She and Zuri soon noticed an unintended consequence of their new normal. Since they were spending less time together, Zuri was missing out on a pivotal piece of her development as a young child.

Thanks to a visit from a friend, which then turned into a life-changing conversation, Katherine and Zuri began participating in Convoy of Hope’s early intervention program.

“I did not know that Convoy existed, but a sister came to my house and told me the work they do,” Katherine said. She went on to explain one of the most important things she has learned since enrolling in the program. “The way to help early intervention is that one should get involved with their children, dedicating more time to them, doing different exercises with them.”

Now, Katherine and Zuri spend time painting, drawing, and playing together. This ensures that Zuri has what she needs to learn and grow.

“I have never done something like this for her [before]. I read her stories at night and it is a special moment for both of us,” Katherine concluded. “We are very grateful.”



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