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Culinary Arts & A New Start

Guatemala Reported by Convoy of Hope

“Since I was a little girl, my life was very sad,” Gloria said. 

Although Gloria’s life has been full of adversity, the Women’s Empowerment program in Guatemala has equipped her with the tools she needs to succeed. Now, she lives her life full of ambition and hope.

Gloria became a mother at the age of 13. As her priorities shifted, she quickly placed her dream of becoming a professional cook on the back burner. To provide for her child, she washed clothes, sold what she had, and did what she could to scrape by. Then, her sister told her about a new opportunity.

Gloria joined Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment program, where she learned how to manage her finances, how to run a business, and how to live confidently. The most exciting and impactful thing that Gloria learned was how to cook.

“It was very exciting, because it was something I had wanted for so long,” she said.

Now, Gloria has a new skill set that she can use to provide for her child and live out her dreams.

“I am so thankful for Convoy of Hope, all of the leaders, and all of the people who make these projects possible,” she said. “Truly, this will help so many women.”

Each year, Convoy of Hope celebrates International Women’s Day in honor of women like Gloria. To learn about how you can celebrate alongside Convoy, click here.



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