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Training Helps Farmers Out of Generational Poverty

Guatemala Reported by Convoy of Hope
generational poverty fought with agriculture

Through Convoy of Hope’s agriculture training, men and women are learning how to pull their families out of generational poverty. 

“We are training up farmers who had no knowledge of what to grow, and their crops are multiplying,” said Waldemar, a local pastor in Guatemala.

Convoy has been working alongside Waldemar and other nonvocational farmers in Guatemala with the tools they need to continue farming practices for generations to come.

fighting generational poverty
Using the training provided by Convoy of Hope Waldemar maintains his own crops and provides advice to farmers in his community.

“Yes, this is my first time farming,” Waldemar said. “But look how many tomatoes we are getting!”

Convoy has been working in Guatemala since 2019. In Waldemar’s community, the church he pastors hosts a Convoy of Hope Children’s Feeding program. He helps supply it with fresh vegetables that Convoy team members helped him grow.

The difference that agricultural training can make isn’t contained to only Waldemar’s community. Lagina, another farmer in a different region of the country, learned how to farm through Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture program. Lagina went from living in poverty, barely able to feed her children with her small garden, to increasing her broccoli yields 30-fold. Now, her crop feeds her family and community. She’s even exporting broccoli to the United States.

This is Lagina’s first time ever earning an income.

“To Convoy, I say thank you,” she said.

Lagina and Waldemar’s successes are helping feed scores of children who otherwise would not have a nutritious meal, as more than half of the children in Guatemala experience stunting as a result of malnutrition. Your investment in Convoy’s Agriculture program is raising people out of generational poverty and strengthening them in body, mind, and spirit.



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