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High Tunnel Farming Is (Literally) Fruitful for Tek

Nepal Reported by Convoy of Hope

Before working with Convoy of Hope, Nepalese farmer Tek wasn’t able to earn enough income through farming to support his family. He had to take out a loan to make ends meet.

Farming isn’t easy anywhere, but Nepal’s widely shifting weather makes it even more challenging. Drought, floods, landslides, earthquakes, and more can all disrupt agriculture. 

During the monsoon season from June to September, areas of Nepal experience heavy rainfall. And while rain is vital for crop growth, too much can waterlog and damage crops.

For farmers in countries like Nepal, high tunnel farming is a game changer. 

High tunnels are hoop structures covered in polyethylene, plastic, or fabric. They protect plants from harsh weather, offer more shade, and help farmers with pest management. 

When heavy rain and wind come during monsoon season, high tunnels help ensure crops are not damaged. 

When Tek joined Convoy’s Agriculture program, he learned about high tunnel farming. After implementing it on his farm, he was able to start growing his tomatoes earlier and harvest more — earning more income to support his family. 

High tunnels help farmers control their crops’ environment, enabling them to start planting earlier and harvest longer. 

Convoy’s agriculture specialists teach production methods like high tunnel farming to encourage long-term sustainable practices, breaking the cycle of poverty and creating solutions that last for generations.

Now Tek is an example in his community. He and the other farmers in his village are working hard to make their village sustainable. 

“I would like to thank Convoy of Hope for investing in our lives,” he said. “I feel the training and guidance that Convoy provides are very effective and fruitful. I am grateful for the opportunity.”

To help more farmers like Tek grow larger yields and give back to their community, donate here.

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