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Convoy of Hope Works To Expand Relief Efforts in Africa

Africa Reported by Convoy of Hope

With the help of local partners in each program country in Africa, Convoy of Hope has taken action to expand relief efforts for women, children, and families through various program growth, including Children’s Feeding, Women’s Empowerment, and Agriculture.


Convoy of Hope is establishing programming in Madagascar. With the implementation of Children’s Feeding programming, Convoy will continue to feed more children regular, nutritious meals.


Through partnerships, Convoy of Hope has established strategic-feeding programs in Kenya since 2007. Now, more than 7,500 children are fed regularly through Children’s Feeding in Kenya.

Currently, parts of Kenya are experiencing a long, catastrophic drought. After years of failed rainy seasons, livestock are dying and many people are leaving their homes in search of food and rare pasture for their remaining animals. Communities are facing the threat of starvation.

Convoy of Hope is helping to combat this through partnerships on the ground. Roughly 600 widows are working in Kenya to grow and harvest rice. Convoy purchases rice from them and then distributes fortified packs of rice and lentils to children participating in the feeding program.


The Tanzanian economy depends on agriculture. The families with the lowest income in Tanzania — including refugees — have limited access to the food the country produces. Convoy of Hope started working in Tanzania in 2013 through Children’s Feeding and Women’s Empowerment.

Convoy of Hope also launched Girls’ Empowerment groups in Tanzania, which provide school-aged girls with a safe environment to learn about life skills and critical topics that will protect, equip, and empower them to become influential leaders in their communities. In 2014, the Agriculture initiative was launched.

In Tanzania, Convoy of Hope empowers more than 7,000 women and girls, has trained over 1,500 individuals in agriculture, and feeds 5,500 children regularly.

South Africa

Through partnership, Convoy has fed close to 45,000 children regular meals since 2013. Children participating in the program receive meals through local schools and ministries.

Convoy of Hope remains committed to expand relief efforts in Africa through programming and partnership. For more information on each of Convoy’s initiatives, click here.



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