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Merry Christmas: A Letter From Hal Donaldson

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and experience-rich cultures and incredible sights. But I’ve also seen incredible need. I’ve seen families struggling to survive; I’ve witnessed children lingering outside of schools wondering where their next meals will come from. In truth, it’s sobering.

This holiday season, I tend to think about all those I’ve encountered who do not have their basic needs met. It’s easy to feel guilty for what we have, but seldom does guilt solve problems. It’s more important to be grateful for what you have and to make a decision to share with others.

This year has been unlike anything we could have expected. However, in the midst of hardship, I have seen people like you join in a united act of compassion. You are why — each year as the lights go up and the holiday music plays — I can’t help but be overwhelmed by gratitude.

I am grateful for every person and every partner who has made what we do at Convoy of Hope possible. Because of you, our fleet of tractor-trailers continue to crisscross the nation delivering millions of meals to those who are hurting. Because of you, we have maintained our global program activity during this pandemic, feeding children and empowering families. It’s truly inspiring the way we’ve seen people come together to make a difference despite these uncertain times.

Thank you, again, for being willing to do what you can to help your neighbors in need, both those close and far away. Your generosity and selflessness have inspired me and continue to build a better future for us all.

God bless,

Hal Donaldson

Convoy of Hope



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