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Double Your Donation to Bring Hope in Ukraine

Ukraine Reported by Convoy of Hope
Relief supplies delivered in Ukraine

As many look for ways to support Ukrainians in need, Convoy of Hope is pleased to announce that the O’Reilly family (of O’Reilly Auto Parts) has donated funds to create a matching challenge. This gift will be used to multiply hope for refugees and displaced individuals affected by the crisis.

The war in Ukraine continues to displace millions and cause massive resource shortages, but Convoy is providing emergency relief in eight countries across Europe. The O’Reilly family will match each dollar donated to Convoy’s response to the war in Ukraine — up to $255,000 — between April 4 and April 17. 

To date, Convoy of Hope has already served more than 100,000 affected by this crisis, providing items such as food, water, hygiene supplies, sheltering supplies, shoes, emergency lighting, and other critical necessities. By working with partners throughout the region and in Ukraine itself, Convoy is committed to helping the people of Ukraine as much as possible for as long as possible.

The matching challenge creates the opportunity for donors to double their impact. This means twice as many Ukrainians fed, twice as many refugees sheltered, and twice as much hope and kindness spread across Europe.

Convoy of Hope is grateful for the O’Reilly family’s generosity, which makes this matching challenge possible. Convoy is also appreciative of all our other donors and partners who help make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most.

To join the O’Reilly family and Convoy of Hope in providing immediate relief to families and communities across Europe, click here.



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