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Simon Majumdar’s Story: How One Meal Changed Everything

Guatemala Reported by Convoy of Hope

“Food actually saved my life,” said chef, writer, and television personality, Simon Majumdar.

Throughout his career, Simon has carried a single phrase with him: “Go everywhere; eat everything.” Simon has partnered with Convoy of Hope to bring culinary education through Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment program. He is a dear friend to Convoy and a profound mentor to many around the world.

Once a book publisher in London, Simon saw his business beginning to fail. He became deserpate and suicidal until, in a moment that almost ended his life, the scent of his neighbors’ dinner made him pause.

“I’m going to cook myself a meal before I go and make this final step,” said Simon.

Among his cookbooks, Simon found a notebook with a list of his life goals written inside. On the list was that life-changing phrase: “Go everywhere; eat everything.”

“I decided right there and right then that that’s what I was going to do,” he said. “And I set off on a journey around the world.”

Simon’s travels took him to Guatemala, where he provided culinary expertise to Women’s Empowerment participants. He knew food had saved his life and that he could share in that triumph — food could change lives for generations.

“They’re going to leave here after having no other opportunities before this. And they’re going to go off and get jobs that will not only change their lives, but will change their family’s lives, and will change lives down the range.”

Convoy of Hope is grateful for people like Simon, who give of themselves to create opportunities, hope, and sustainable change.

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