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More Hope Than Ever: Convoy’s 2021 Overview

Reported by Convoy of Hope

The year 2021 was actively full of growth and hope. Through multiple initiatives around the world, Convoy of Hope served millions of people. Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, Convoy looks forward to another year full of opportunities to grow.

In a year marked by disasters, pandemic, and many other opportunities to share hope, Convoy served more than 29 million people. Each individual had their story changed for the better, thanks to your support.

When disasters come, Convoy of Hope brings the relief and strength hurting people need to get back on their feet. Convoy is committed to helping as much as possible, for as long as possible. Throughout 2021, the world experienced hurricanes, earthquakes, economic turmoil, and disasters of many other kinds. But a global network of team members and partners allowed Convoy of Hope to respond to 64 disasters in 2021 alone – more than one per week.

Convoy feeds children through strategic-school feeding programs, which inspire children to stay in school, increase their ability to learn and succeed, and equip them to break the cycle of poverty. In 2021, Convoy of Hope provided more than 465,000 children with a consistent source of nutritious food.

Around the world, Convoy of Hope partners with women as they start their own businesses and care for their families. Empowering women and girls to advocate for themselves and one another creates opportunities that last for generations. In 2021, Convoy of Hope provided resources for more than 35,300 women and girls to pursue education, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of their God-given potential.

Convoy’s agriculture specialists teach production methods that encourage long-term sustainable practices and create opportunities for participants to better provide for themselves and their loved ones. With improved practices and larger yields, some meals are used to support Convoy’s Children’s Feeding program. Convoy of Hope provided education and resources to more than 23,900 farmers in 2021.

Convoy of Hope works in strategic locations around the world, implementing sustainable, community-changing programs. In 2021, Convoy’s programmatic activity spanned across 29 countries.

While Convoy considers the expansion of programming a success, the goal for program centers is twofold: to create new opportunities for more people and to celebrate communities with sustainable programming that no longer need assistance. In 2021, Convoy of Hope served communities around the world through more than 3,000 program centers.

In 2021, more than 38,000 volunteers donated their time and energy to Convoy, creating hope and sustainable change in communities around the world. Without volunteers, Convoy of Hope could not do the work it does today.

Convoy is grateful for the supporters, partners, and volunteers who made 2021 an effective year. Thank you for standing with those in need of hope.

To view Convoy of Hope’s 2021 Annual Report, click here.

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