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Convoy Continues Work in South Africa Despite Unrest

South Africa Reported by Convoy of Hope

Feature image: Looters outside a shopping centre alongside a burning barricade in Durban, South Africa on Monday July 12, 2021. Police say six people are dead and more than 200 have been arrested amid escalating violence during rioting that broke out following the imprisonment of South Africa’s former President Jacob Zuma. (AP Photo/Andre Swart)

Unrest has erupted in South Africa in recent days, with violence breaking out in the KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces. Hundreds of buildings have been damaged, and at least 117 people have been killed. Ten thousand troops have been deployed in an attempt to ebb the destruction. 

The violence has affected one of Convoy of Hope’s regional partners, as some of the organization’s food was damaged. Each school day, Convoy and it’s partners feed more than 18,000 children in South Africa. Convoy will continue to serve those communities in need.



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