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Thanks To You, Rosmery No Longer Lives Off of Trash

Honduras Reported by Convoy of Hope
Rosmery Story Child

Rosmery has learned many things during her five short years of life in Honduras.

She has memorized what days garbage gets taken to the dump so she can scavenge through “fresh” trash. She has learned that, sometimes, parents split up and children get caught in the middle. She has also learned that through Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program, she has a consistent source of nutritious food.

“I used to get happy whenever the airport’s garbage truck would come to the landfill. They would bring plenty of leftovers, like chicken and sodas without any worms in it,” Rosmery said. 

For years, Rosmery ate putrid food she found in the local garbage dump. The most she hoped for was trash that had not yet begun rotting. But now, those days are behind her. “Now my favorite food is the soy rice that Convoy of Hope gives us,” she said.

After Rosmery’s parents split, her household became hostile. She endured physical and emotional abuse in the period before her mother left for good. The situation left her with signs of trauma, and she found it difficult to trust and interact with others.

The nutritious food Rosmery now receives helps her in many ways. Because she no longer has to scavenge, Rosmery can attend school. There, she receives education, social support, and psychological care. Her demeanor has changed and her future is bright. 

Rosmery’s favorite part of the week is no longer waiting for the trash truck from the airport. Now, she looks forward to the time she spends at school, eating with her friends. She is ready to face the world with a new, hopeful outlook.

“Everything will be alright,” she said.



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