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Learning To Teach: Emerlinda’s Story

Philippines Reported by Convoy of Hope
Emerlinda's Story Girl

Emerlinda never got used to listening to her parents fight about financial issues. COVID-19 had taken an economic toll on her community, and her household was no exception. But thanks to Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program in the Philippines, Emerlinda no longer has to worry about where she will find her next meal. Now she can focus on learning.

“I felt sad and worried,” Emerlinda said.

Life was especially difficult for her when the pandemic struck. She traded her dream of becoming a teacher for dreams of normalcy and food security. With an empty stomach, she found it difficult to focus on her schoolwork.

But when Emerlinda joined Children’s Feeding, she found a reliable source of healthy meals. “It is through the Convoy of Hope feeding program that I was able to try not only delicious, but also nutritious food that I’m so excited about everyday,” she said.

Emerlinda receives her meals at school. Now, she can focus on learning and getting good grades so that she can teach other children one day.

“Eating the food from Convoy helps me achieve my goals because it keeps me healthier, happier, and stronger,” she said. “It helps me not to have an empty stomach while listening to my classes, especially when my parents aren’t able to give money to buy lunch.”

Because of your support, Emerlinda now has the chance to create a new future — one that is full of hope.



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