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Dreamers in Dhaka

Bangladesh Reported by Convoy of Hope

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, more than 16 million people live in an area roughly the size of Denver, Colorado. For many in Dhaka, opportunities are scarce, abuse and exploitation are common, trafficking and malnutrition are rampant, and poverty persists.

Within recent memory, 16-year-old Tamanna was too busy struggling with food insecurity to pursue her dreams. But now that she is part of Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program in Dhaka, she has more dreams than she knows what to do with.

“Though I’d like to be a singer, I also hope to become a nurse,” she said.

Another program participant then took the opportunity to add that he would like to be a professional cricket player.

Home of Hope, a local partner of Convoy of Hope’s in Dhaka, has also created gardens and other agricultural ventures for the children to tend. 

“They’ve built sustainable systems with aquaculture, gardens, and the raising of chickens,” said Jason Streubel.

With Convoy of Hope’s help, the program has grown tremendously. The food that they grow now supplements the meals Convoy provides each school day.

Thank you for providing the help and hope that these children need by supporting Convoy of Hope.



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