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Children’s Lives Changed for Generations

Guatemala Reported by Convoy of Hope
Guatemala Children's Feeding Boy

“My favorite activities are to race cars with Lauro,” said Eulalio of his brother. “He’s my best friend.”

Where you see Eulalio, you’ll find Lauro close behind. 

Their father is one of few still in the picture in their hometown in Guatemala. Often, dads are gone for work day after day, and night after night — sometimes for years at a time.

Eulalio’s father works as a delivery driver to make money and provide for his children. In their region of the country, most people live on less than one U.S. dollar per day. More than 50% of the population of Guatemala lives in poverty.

Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding initiative, operated inside a local church in Eulalio’s community, has been life-changing for him and numerous other children.

“The best meal I’ve ever had is the noodles they made for me,” Eulalio said. Aside from racing cars with his brother, Eulalio’s favorite activity is to eat.

More than 200 kids in Eulalio’s community are receiving at least one nutritious meal a day — each carefully crafted by a nutritionist. The local pastor in charge of distributions for their community says he has noticed a marked difference in the children’s overall health and weight.

“Convoy of Hope is a huge blessing to us,” Pastor Waldemar said.

Convoy will continue to provide nutritious meals to children around the world thanks to the generosity of partners, donors, and supporters. To make a difference in the life of a child, click here.



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