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Lagina Is Planting Seeds of Lasting Change

Guatemala Reported by Convoy of Hope

“I grew up in a very poor family,” Lagina said. “I felt discouraged and sad because I was able to do so little to help my family, and my kids were hungry.”

She, her husband, and her two children now participate in Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture program in Guatemala. But in years prior, necessities like food and income were scarce.

“My husband works for a wage, receiving $7 per day,” Lagina said. “That has been difficult because I have never been to school. That gives me very few opportunities to help him to feed our kids.”

Still, Lagina has made a strong work ethic and her love for her children are staples of her character. And when a new opportunity finally presented itself to Lagina, she was quick to accept.

“I wanted to improve the quality of food and income for my two children,” she said. “Convoy of Hope came to the village and gave us seeds to start a family garden. The production of my family garden is the best thing that has happened for my family’s livelihood.”

Along with those seeds, Lagina and her family received life-changing education. They learned to practice proper agricultural techniques, manage money, and run a business. Now, Lagina is proud to share that her children have the chance to create a better life than she and her husband had.

“I have hope for my kids now, and I feel happy that I can do something for them,” she said. “Thank you Convoy of Hope and the Agriculture staff for giving us hope and a reason to live.”



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