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Hope Becomes Hereditary in Nepal

Nepal Reported by Convoy of Hope

In Nepal, approximately one-third of the population lives near or below the poverty line, The World Bank reports. That’s why Convoy of Hope established Women’s Empowerment and Agriculture programs in the area to help provide valuable resources to people — like Sani — who are just one opportunity away from a better life. 

Sani lives in a small farming village in Nepal. She single-handedly supports herself, her son, daughter-in-law, and her granddaughter. 

“I see my only son and think that one day he will return back home and help me in my garden [and] goat farm,” Sani said.

For now, she sends money to her son and his family to support them with her farm’s profits. But until recently, her farm was less than lucrative.

Many Nepali farmers who grow crops like millet and corn earn approximately $1,500 rupees a year. With a little bit of education from Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture program, those same farmers can increase their earnings. Implementing more efficient agricultural practices and planting more successful crops helps to feed their families, supplies them with income, and allows them to help others by selling what they produce.

Through the local Agriculture and Women’s Empowerment programs, Sani learned how to run a business, how to farm efficiently, and how to see her own inherent value as an individual. She now raises goats and cash crops, and recently learned how to keep bees. 

“I want people to learn from my story that they should never give up in any difficult situation. Always raise your voice for your right. And lastly, be a farmer like me,” she said proudly. 

Now that she can provide well for herself and her loved ones, Sani’s new goal is to see to it that her son and grandchild have better lives as well.

“I felt that my son could study well so that he can get a better job and have a better life,” she said. “So, I usually tell my son to return back to the village and help me in agriculture activities.”

Thanks to your support, lasting change and multiplied hope can improve the course of Sani’s life and that of her family for generations to come. Thank you for changing their stories.

To learn more about Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture program in Nepal, click here.

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