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“A Way Out”: How Farming Helped Porfirio Out of Poverty

Nicaragua Reported by Convoy of Hope
farming out of poverty Nicaragua

Porfirio, like many over the course of the pandemic, lost his job. Unemployed and unable to find more work, he became desperate. Opportunities to provide for his loved ones were scarce. Then, he joined Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture program in Nicaragua.

Porfirio’s wife and two daughters rely on him to provide the entirety of their household’s income. Before the pandemic, he worked to meet his family’s needs. But when life came to an abrupt halt, the impact was devastating.

“The most difficult situation that I have recently gone through is having lost my job in 2021,” Porfirio said.  “Things in Nicaragua are difficult due to the different events that have occurred in our country. As time went by, I got desperate not finding a job.”

Porfirio’s in-laws graciously provided him with land to farm. But without the proper tools and knowledge, he couldn’t make a profit or provide for his wife and children.

“I did not know anything about agriculture,” he said.

Then, he joined Convoy’s local Agriculture program. He quickly learned the skills and obtained the resources he needed to turn his life around. It was not long before his new business was booming and he could provide for his family once again.

“With the help of Convoy, I have gotten ahead with my crops,” Porfirio said. “Dedicating myself to agriculture and acquiring this knowledge has given me a way out of a difficult situation.”

Porfirio continues to grow his business. He consults Convoy’s in-country experts and applies new techniques to produce the best crop yield possible.

“I have been technifying my crops little by little, and it has served me a lot,” he said. “Thank God I received the support I needed.”

Convoy of Hope provides specialized agriculture assistance to communities around the world. These tools give them the chance to create sustainable solutions for future generations.

Through the Agriculture program, Convoy trained more than 23,000 individuals last year. To learn more about Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture program and how you can support it, click here.



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