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Responding to the Ebola Crisis With 4 Million Meals

Liberia Reported by Convoy of Hope

Although recent reports in Liberia are encouraging, world health officials say thousands of West Africans have already been infected with Ebola. And they warn that the social and economic impact of the epidemic is far-reaching and long-lasting. Healthcare, agriculture, education, and employment have already been crippled by the disease.

Ebola has also led to massive food shortages in countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone. In recent weeks, Convoy of Hope and our partners have shipped and distributed 4 million meals there. Medical supplies and water purification units have also been distributed. More shipments are slated for the next few months.

Because borders are essentially closed, Convoy of Hope is partnering with a multi-denominational coalition of 1,700 churches in West Africa that are ensuring that the food and supplies are being delivered to families and children that have the greatest needs.

“The relief initiative has reached into the depths of the jungle, as well as the capital city of Monrovia,” says Gaylord Brown, Assemblies of God missionary to Liberia. “Distributing millions of meals has given hope to the hopeless and food for the hungry. Many prayers have been answered.”

Kwame Wumbe, our field coordinator for the Ebola initiative in West Africa, adds, “This is one of the greatest human need crises in West African history. But Convoy of Hope’s timely intervention with food, medical supplies, and best practice protocols will long be remembered by thousands of grateful Liberian and Sierra Leone recipients who received hope when it appeared there was none.”

Please know that giving to Convoy of Hope is saving lives in places like West Africa. On behalf of the thousands of children and their families across the United States and around the world receiving life-giving food and supplies, thank you for your kindness and compassion.

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