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From Exploitation to Empowerment: Salha’s Story

Bulgaria Reported by Convoy of Hope
Fleeing for their lives, refugees are making their way to Europe where Convoy of Hope is helping provide resources, connection, and hope.

At a young age, Salha was forced into a life of prostitution. Her life improved — but only marginally — when she and her son fled to a refugee camp in Bulgaria.

Salha first encountered Convoy of Hope when, during the frigid Bulgarian winter, she and her child attended a distribution event where they received relief supplies from Convoy. Curious about the motivation behind the kindness she received, Salha began to ask questions of Convoy of Hope’s team members. The ensuing conversation inspired and empowered Salha to start a new life.

Within a few short weeks she returned to the same point of distribution — this time, as a volunteer.

Now, Salha is a regular and valuable volunteer. Alongside Convoy of Hope, she serves individuals in the refugee camp from where she herself came. Thanks to the help of a local church, Salha and her son now have a home of their own.

With her daily needs met, Salha has made it her new goal to provide help and hope to those around her, as her son learns from her example — creating a new trajectory for their family legacy.



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