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Helping Families Rebuild After Beirut Explosion

Lebanon Reported by Convoy of Hope
Lebanon Explosion

Nine months after a large explosion in a densely populated area of Beirut, Lebanon, the city is still struggling to recuperate. The explosion, in combination with the previous ongoing economic crisis, has made fuel and medication hard to come by. Doctors and teachers have left the region in search of new jobs. Officials expect that all government subsidies will run out by the end of May.

“People are too numb to feel or to protest. They do all they can to find food for just one day,” one man said.

As a result of both the explosion and economic fallout, 26-year-old Jenny now lives with PTSD and has been unemployed for the past year. She doesn’t have the funds to seek the help she needs to process her experiences or to take care of her sick mother and younger brother. Her father is deceased, and she is doing all she can.

She is not alone in this fight. Life for a man named Elias got harder after the explosion. Bedridden and with severe mental and physical challenges, his family struggled to provide for him. After the death of his father, Elias’ mother cannot work outside the home to make money for his medication.

During a recent assessment mission, Convoy of Hope found each of these families and stepped in to help. Jenny’s family now has a sturdy and leak-proof roof over their heads, past-due rent bills taken care of, and much-needed food and medicine. Elias and his family were provided with essential medication and food.

Convoy of Hope is grateful for the opportunity to serve people like Jenny and Elias. Thank you for your generosity as we continue to share hope with the people of Lebanon.



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