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Poverty & Hunger During Ethiopia’s Civil War

Ethiopia Reported by Convoy of Hope
Ethiopia Civil War

The civil war in Ethiopia began nearly two years ago. The conflict has forced 13 million Ethiopians to need food assistance, according to the OCHA. The New York Times reports that blocked roads are keeping vital aid from reaching communities, putting tens of thousands of children at immediate risk of death. Drought and food prices — exacerbated by the war in Ukraine — are affecting 20 million people in the Horn of Africa region.

Solomon is one of those people.

As a teenager, he’s watching his country struggle. But he has experienced his own tragedies that could have derailed his life completely. Solomon lives with his father, but his mother left him when he was 2 years old. She also took his elder brother with her.

“I want to bring my parents together,” he said. “If I could get the chance to change one thing, I would definitely bring my mother and elder brother to live with me.”

Even though Solomon’s father works hard to provide for them, his age and health keep him from earning much money. Solomon admits they often went without food and didn’t have suitable shelter.

“I feel sad. I feel like I don’t have a family. I wonder why this happened to me.”

Despite their difficulties, his father always brought them back to one wise thought: Have good character and don’t give up, because one day things will change.

Thankfully, Solomon connected with a Convoy of Hope Children’s Feeding program center that ran through his school. He began receiving regular, nutritious meals, and his father didn’t have to struggle to keep him fed. He has a keen interest in engineering and architecture, and he has every intention of joining an engineering college when he graduates.

“Sometimes I feel privileged to have free breakfast and lunch which I have been getting,” he said. “I am thankful for that.”

In light of the incredible hardships faced by billions of people every day, Convoy of Hope feels honored to serve children like Solomon, the communities they live in, and the countries where we work. Thank you for your support.



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