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No Longer Orphaned

Bulgaria Reported by Convoy of Hope

Elena, Ivan, and Maria were in a desperate situation with their family. Sadly, it’s a situation many families in Bulgaria find themselves in. Despite the government’s progress in pushing for children’s rights within the home, support for vulnerable families remains a problem. If they are not given financial aid and help from the state, families in dire situations sometimes make the choice to give their children up to an orphanage. 

For these three siblings, their nightmare had become a reality — their parents felt they had no other choice than to place them in an orphanage. The children no longer had the protection and support of their parents and were in desperate need of an encouraging community. 

This is one of the reasons that Convoy of Hope partners with local groups, churches, and organisations — to ensure that children are cared for, taught their worth, and given hope. 

One day, Elena, Ivan, and Maria were invited to the Convoy of Hope youth program at the church in their village. There the kids received help with their homework, played games with other children, and discovered an environment where they could lean on their volunteer leaders for emotional and spiritual support. As the three began to feel at home in the youth program, they all confided in the program leader about their heartfelt desire to reunite with their parents. 

In a remarkable turn of events, their prayers were answered — their parents brought them back home! Even now that they are home, the children continue to attend the Convoy program centre to grow in their health, faith, and understanding of their worth. 

“Knowing the challenges facing their family with six children in total to care for, Convoy of Hope helps us provide them with food to take home as a way to lessen the burden,” said Pastor Yordan Georgiev of the local church. “The children’s journey serves as a testament to the power of faith, hope, and the enduring strength of familial bonds, with many thanks to Convoy.” 

When struggling families receive help and can feed their children, there is hope. When children are cared for and taught their inherent worth, there is hope. When parents and children are reunited and can learn, grow, and thrive together, there is hope. Hope transforms lives, families, and entire communities. Thank you for supporting Convoy so, together, we can support families.



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