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Meals Turn Anger Into Studying Power

Nepal Reported by Convoy of Hope

“I wish this feeding program may remain forever,” 10-year-old Anish said.

Anish participates in Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program in Nepal. He lives in a farming village with his mother and sister. Outside of school, a normal day for Anish includes helping his family tend to their pigs and goats, working in their paddy field, and playing sports in his spare time.

“When I returned from school I used to get angry,” Anish said. Anish would often go to school hungry, return home hungry, do his chores and go to bed — still hungry. Without food or hope, anger felt like a natural response. “That was very difficult,” he said, thinking back on that time of life. “I felt very sad.”

Food insecurity was once an ever-present part of Anish’s life. But now, thanks to the tasty, nutritious meals he receives through Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding, Anish can focus on creating a better future. And when he returns home from school, things are different: “No need to get angry,” he said.

Anish dreams of traveling abroad after he finishes school. He hopes to earn enough to create a better life for his family. For now, the food he receives at school keeps him focused and sharp so that he can get good grades.

“Since we had this lunch,” he said, referring to the food he receives at school, “I love to study and work more.” With a full belly and a new outlook on life, Anish explained that his love for studying now surpasses his love for sports. “I enjoy learning English and math most. I like sports also, but I like to study more than other activities.”

Anish now studies at school and helps his family at home, knowing that he has a bright future ahead. 

“I am very much excited when we are provided with food,” he said.   

Thanks to your support, hundreds of thousands of children like Anish have dependable access to nutritious food. Thank you for changing their futures. 



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