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Leonel’s Lasting Hope

El Salvador Reported by Convoy of Hope
Child feeding program

Leonel lives in a small house with his parents in El Salvador. His father struggles with alcoholism, which puts an emotional and financial strain on his family. This struggle, intensified by COVID-19, has made it nearly impossible for his family to put food on the table.

But Leonel remains positive despite these hardships.

“My parents are only taking care of this house, but I feel blessed because I have a roof I can be under,” he said.

With even more hope and a reliable food source, Leonel’s life completely changed. After joining Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program, he now has access to regular meals.

Not only has Leonel grown stronger, but his dreams have grown, too — he one day hopes to become a paleontologist.

“My family is blessed with this program,” Leonel said. “My mom does not have to buy rice anymore, so she saves a little money. I have also benefited from the food and I am thankful for the vitamins and the classes I receive.”

Although pandemic and economic struggles weigh heavily on families in El Salvador and around the world, children just like Leonel are receiving the education and nutrients they need to become the next leaders of their generation.

Thanks to Convoy of Hope’s partners and supporters — people just like you — we are currently feeding more than 387,000 children in 17 countries across the globe.



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