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Julian’s Story: From Despair to Big Dreams

Guatemala Reported by Convoy of Hope

COVID-19 completely changed 11-year-old Julian’s life. “I felt sad,” he said. “I was anxious for this to be over, to go out and play, see my friends, go to school.”

Quarantine orders kept him inside the floorless, one-room home that he shared with five other members of his family. They had no running water and only two beds to share. When Julian’s mother got sick and his father lost his job laying bricks, Julian felt entirely helpless. With hunger and health concerns looming, hope seemed far out of reach.

“My father was unemployed. We had no food due to lack of money,” Julian said. “But that’s when you gave us [food].”

Now, as a participant in Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program, Julian has access to hot and nutritious meals. Since he no longer has to worry about food insecurity, Julian is free to focus on his schoolwork, his artwork, and his dream of becoming a chef. His next goal is to reach a point where he can support the rest of his family.

“To my brothers and my mother, I want to give them what they need … their expenses,” he said. “The same for my father; I want to help him.”

Thanks to the support of people like you, Julian can continue spreading hope to his family and his community. Thank you for changing his story.



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