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‘I am a child like all children’: Jezilóm’s Story

Haiti Reported by Convoy of Hope

“I am a child like all children,” Jezilóm said. 

He knows that his situation does not define him. And as a participant in Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program, Jezilóm has food, opportunities, and hope.

Jezilóm’s parents, he recalled, could not have possibly fed him.

“They sold their house to pay off a debt. Now we live in my grandmother’s house,” he said.

Despite the fact that neither of Jezilóm’s parents are employed, they do their best to raise their six children. With food insecurity and lack of shelter looming, Jezilóm had little opportunity to focus on his future.

“I am a child like all children.”

— Jezilóm

At the age of 10, he attended school for the first time. But even then, education was a mere afterthought.

“I came here to find the food because my parents couldn’t feed me,” Jezilóm said.

Thankfully, the school-based feeding program provided Jezilóm with an opportunity to learn, a consistent source of nutritious food, and the chance not to worry about where his next meal would come from.

“The food helps me to get strength to study and play,” he said. “Now, I can read and write normally. I am very lucky.”

Now, Jezilóm can focus on succeeding in his classes, achieving his goals, and breaking the cycle of poverty in his family.

“May God continue to bless Convoy of Hope,” said Jezilóm.

Thanks to your support, more than 387,000 children across thousands of communities receive nutritious food and life-changing opportunities like they’ve never had before. To contribute to Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program, click here.



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