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Full Meals, Full Futures

Guatemala Reported by Convoy of Hope
David from Guatemala

“It feels horrible to have a hole inside your belly and not be able to fill it,” David said. “I felt a great desperation.”

David, a teenager in Guatemala, has experienced plenty of hardship throughout the past year. When COVID-19 spread across his country, two of his sisters became ill and three members of his extended family died. His mother and father both lost their jobs and struggled to put food on the table.

Add Hurricanes Eta and Iota to the mix, both of which caused extensive damage across Central America, and it doesn’t seem hard to understand why David struggled to find hope.

Thankfully, Convoy of Hope’s presence in Guatemala meant that David and his family received help. Our in-country team provided them with nutritious food and the hope they needed.

“It helps me a lot because the food comes with good vitamins,” David said. “We made mashed potatoes with stuffed peppers and rice, and my mother mixed it with eggs. I put on a little more weight because I was thinner, and that really helped me a lot. Thank God we had a full meal, thanks to you.”

Thanks to our supporters, people like David no longer have to worry where they will get their next meal. Thank you for helping to change his story and provide his family with hope.



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