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Clean Water & Pervasive Hope Flow Freely in El Salvador

El Salvador Reported by Convoy of Hope

Health, hope, and safe drinking water are closely linked. That’s why Convoy of Hope has partnered with companies like LifeStraw to provide help to people without a source to clean water.

After Tropical Storm Amanda struck El Salvador in June of 2020, many communities watched flood waters rise and limit their access to clean drinking water. Everyone affected by the storm found themselves at much greater risk for water-borne illnesses.

To address this need, LifeStraw donated LifeStraw Community units for our team in El Salvador to distribute to those affected by water insecurity. Many of the communities who received filtration units lived with an ever-present fear of parasitic infections and kidney failure.

The LifeStraw Community units are designed to remove 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoan parasites by filtering 25 liters of water at a time. The units use gravity filtration to mitigate the need for running water or an external power source and can safely filter enough water for 100 people a day for up to five years.

When communities receive hope like this, they have more than just their immediate needs met. One community continued to spread hope by sharing clean water with others who were still in need.

Water is a daily necessity that sustains in the present; hope is a necessity for a brighter future. Together, they are life-changing. Thanks to our partners and supporters, Convoy of Hope has been changing the stories of people who lack access to water and new opportunities.

To learn more about World Water Day and what water means to communities around the world, click here. For more information about LifeStraw, click here.



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