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Mike Tompkins Releases New Music Video

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Mike Tompkins, in collaboration with Convoy of Hope, is pleased to announce the release of Daylight on New Music Tuesday. The project is an original music video using sounds from Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding and Women’s Empowerment Initiatives in Africa.

“I met many amazing people while shooting this music video on location in Tanzania,” says Tompkins. “It was one of the most epic moments of my life.”

Tompkins is an a capella artist — with nearly 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube — who traveled with Convoy of Hope to Tanzania, Africa in January to film the project.

“We are honored that Mike Tompkins is sharing the work we do with his extensive YouTube audience,” says Hal Donaldson, president and co-founder of Convoy of Hope. “Because of friends like him, we are able to improve the lives of people in need all over the world.”

Daylight launches today, on New Music Tuesday, on Tompkins’ YouTube channel and will serve as the season finale of his three-month series of original songs.

The song and music video can be downloaded at