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Providing Clean Water In Sudan

Providing clean water in Sudan

Lack of education, access to clean water, and poverty resulting in poor health, remain major challenges in Sudan. Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) is partnering with the Educational Development Organization of Sudan (EDOOS) to provide education and clean safe water. The COHEU water program is centered on the purification of surface water by the use of (CAWST) bio-sand water filters. The Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) has worked for decades developing this sustainable, bio-sand filter for rural villages in developing nations. The filter is made from locally available materials and can last 50+ years. COHEU and EDOOS are training the local Sudanese in rural communities to build and maintain these water filters. In addition, education is given on how drinking water is linked to human health. Adam Mohamed is from the Gimir tribe in Darfur. In 1983 he and his friends left Darfur because of the devastating draught, which was killing all the livestock. Traveling to Masna, he found work in a sugar factory until he fell ill with a terrible burning sensation throughout his body. Desperate to find relief, he was taken to a witch doctor who gave him a mixture of herbs to take. Not getting any better, he continued to search for help. He heard about the COHEU water filters and requested one. When the team arrived he told them he had been sick for over 4 years and would do anything to get well. Adam’s family now filters their water and they no longer suffer from stomach related illnesses. The family is once again living a happy life. COHEU is actively looking for funding to continue this program. Building a water filter, that can provide one family with safe, clean drinking water for the next 50 years costs 180 Euros. Will you consider helping us to provide clean water for more families in the Sudan? To contribute to this project or projects like this: DONATE   Thank you!

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