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Negotino, Macedonia

Negotino, Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is a former province of Yugoslavia which gained independence in 1991. Convoy of Hope Europe has been active here since 2004. In 2010 COHEU has continued with several ongoing projects. In the town of Negotino, COHEU, together with local partners organized a three-day “Hope Festival” that included a backgammon tournament and a special evening event for women. On Saturday more than 1,200 guests gathered and were served with free sandwiches, free haircuts, medical help and lots of other services. In Shutka, which is not far from the capital of Skopje, volunteers from the Master's Commission program in Amsterdam, Holland, helped with preparing for the events. This work, mainly among the Roma community, consists of several initiatives, including feeding up to 150 children 5 days a week. COHEU is also helping a preschool move from rented facilities into a local church. Several of the children who have graduated from this preschool have gone on to high school. In this culture this is very unusual. This project is a priority for COHEU this year.

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Shutka, Macedonia

Shutka, Macedonia

The meaning of Shutka is ‘garbage’, but this hot and dusty place is lovingly called ‘the happy valley’ by the many asylum seekers and refugees from Kosova. With over forty thousand inhabitants, it is the self-proclaimed and self-administered ‘capital’ of the Romani, the largest gypsy center in Europe. In Shutka about 90% of the Roma people are unemployed and they struggle to make a living. Many children do not go to school, since their parents are not able to support them and believe that education will not help them. The only option left is to scavenge on the streets and garbage dumps for things to eat and sell. Convoy of Hope Europe adopted the community of Shutka, working together with the local church, AGWM and the Macedonian Evangelical Alliance. The main focus of our Adopt-A-Community program here is majoring on education as a means to escape the grasp of poverty and social exclusion. Initially we will help children go to school by providing a free meal every day. It is our goal to see a minimum of 6 students graduate a year from high school and to eventually see some of these students graduate from university. To see these goals fulfilled COHEU hopes to do the following: Move the preschool into a permanent building, which includes facilities for the feeding program. Feed 150 children each day. Renovate the local church to host some educational programs. Help create opportunities for the adult population to find permanent work.

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