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A Continuing Crisis

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The warm fall has been a blessing to asylum seekers who continue to cross borders and seas in hopes for a better life in Europe. While the numbers entering Europe have not slowed, we know it is only a matter of time before the temperatures catch up to the season. Convoy of Hope is continuing a multifaceted program to reach those in need of assistance. Our feeding program in Jordan is pivotal to survival for 2500 Syrian Refugees. Because of the conditions of some of the refugee camps, parents are forced to choose between food and safety for their families. Those who choose safety by leaving the camps sacrifice all chance of assistance from the Jordanian government and UNHCR. For over two years, Convoy of Hope Europe has been working with the national church in Jordan to help these families survive. In Bulgaria, we are addressing physical and social needs through the Convoy of Hope Oasis Center. Food and classes are provided to families crossing Bulgaria into the main part of Europe. In Macedonia, we invested $10,000 at the beginning of the Crisis toward the setup of a new distribution center to provide food for refugees passing through. Our biggest project so far has been the camp in Calais, France for asylum seekers waiting to cross into the United Kingdom. Known as the Jungle because of harsh living conditions, the camp has been growing at an exponential pace. Safety is an issue, and French riot police are permanently stationed around the camp and patrol regularly. At the beginning of the Crisis, the Jungle housed 4,000 asylum seekers. Now, the Jungle is bustling with over 6,000 residents, including a growing number of women and children. Thanks to our partners, our initial investment in the Jungle gave us an incredible opportunity to lay solid groundwork for an adaptable and sustainable program in the camp. Though the autumn has been warm, it has also been rainy, and the camp is sinking in mud. We have distributed over 3,000 rain ponchos to protect residents from the water. We've built shelters for women and children, provided additional tents for some of the men, supplied an industrial sized washer and dryer for volunteers doing refugees' laundry, and purchased stoves and cooking materials for families in the camp. We are seeking new partners to come alongside this work, and have recently connected with friends in Paris to install showers in a certain part of the camp. We have two teams coming to serve in Calais before the end of the year, and have scheduled two additional special events for the camp. The first is a soccer tournament in which some professional soccer players will be competing with players from the camp, to be followed by a special Christmas program. The second event is a concert that will be held in January. Lastly, we are also redeveloping our work with refugees here in Belgium. While our previous efforts with the refugee camp ended when the camp in Brussels was closed, the available government housing has not been proportionate to the influx of new asylum seekers. We will be assisting the Red Cross by working with the overflow of those unable to find shelter in the provided buildings. As long as this crisis remains, Convoy of Hope Europe will be involved, extending every effort to reach refugees physically, socially, and spiritually.

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Feeling Human Again!

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Being bombarded by images of wars and disasters can eventually make us numb to the devastation. Last year, pictures of Syria and its refugees flooded our media devices. One disaster is replaced by the next in the news, so it is easy to forget. However, these realities persist and the problem does not disappear. With your help, Convoy of Hope Europe supports local partners in Jordan that are still helping refugees from Syria. Would you consider to make a donation of $50 to provide a food parcel to a family that still remains homeless? With your help, our Jordanian partners are working to give help and hope to this suffering region. The numbers are overwhelming. There are currently over 9 million refugees from Syria, 6.5 million of which are displaced within Syria. Over 1.3 million Syrians fled to Jordan. More than 80,000 of these arrived in the enormous Za’atari refugee camp near Amman, Jordan. Most of them are women and children, because a lot of their men have already died in the war. Many have come face-to-face with death itself to make it this far. Often their family members, a husband or even a child, were killed right before their eyes. Making it out of Syria alive seemed like their biggest challenge, only for them to realize that simply living on the other side would be a challenge of its own. GIVE HOPE TODAY The Za’atari camp is the refugee landing point in Jordan. Za’atari is now considered the fourth largest city in Jordan based solely on this new population, and is the second biggest refugee camp in the world. With no money, belongings, or resources, these Syrians have few options. It is also illegal for refugees to obtain work and even if they could, destination countries like Jordan cannot financially accommodate this onslaught. When families finally manage to move on from the camp, they typically end up living with too many people crowded into small, yet expensive apartments. “We feel human again.” New Life Assembly of God church in Amman, Jordan, with Pastor Dikran Salbashian, tries to help as much as possible. Some refugees told a local radio station: “We have asked many organizations for help, but this church not only helped us with food, they treated us as fellow human beings. They gave us hope. There are still people who care about us and love us.” When New Life members gather refugees into their church, they not only receive food parcels, but they are met with kindness and hope. Often volunteers from New Life visit refugees in their homes; these small, expensive apartments shared by many. Volunteers come to them, not out of obligation, but out of compassion and a desire to encourage their new neighbors. “We cannot solve all problems, but we can do something.” “First we thought that the refugee problem would only last a couple of months, but now it has been more than three and a half years”, says Dikran Salbashian. “These people have lost all hope of returning to their own houses. We cannot solve all problems, but we can do something. We cannot help everybody, but we were able to support 150 families each week. During the winter, they not only need food, but we also need warm clothes, blankets, mattresses, and sometimes little heating stoves. We have been asked to help with powdered milk or diapers, but that is too expensive. Our resources are limited.” Church volunteers want to continue to help, but cannot do it alone. They will need your help. A food parcel that will help a family for around two-three weeks costs just $50. Your gift of $50 or more will give hope to a desperate mother, trying to feed her family.  We would like to continue supporting the efforts of those helping in Jordan during these crucial times. But we can only do it with your help. Please consider making a donation to provide for families like yours who are in desperate need right now. Whether or not we see it, the effects of this war continue long past anyone’s expectations. As hope dwindles in the hearts of those suffering loss of family, homes, and security, we want to shed the light of hope with the promise of restoration. Thank you for partnering with us to make this possible.

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Syria Update :: March 2014

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"The needs are unbelievable. So many people who have nothing are living with 20 other people in one house or small living space, and life here is expensive." Every Tuesday, families gather in Irbid, near the Syrian border, to receive distributions of food parcels that include items such as rice, tea, sugar, spaghetti, milk and cooking oil. The parcels will feed a family of five for 10-15 days. Dikran Salbashian, pastor of New Life Church in Amman, says any amount of help is immeasurable to the refugees. Salbashian notes the Jordanian government estimates 1.3 million Syrians have fled to Jordan, putting a strain on the country's economic and social infrastructures. Most of the refugees who have settled in Irbid are seeking a better life than what is prevalent at the massive Saatari refugee camp on the border. "This is a place where women are selling themselves for food," he says. "It's a desolate place of pain. You feel the hopelessness there. I'm hopeful that some are finding solace in what we can offer here." Convoy of Hope Europe wants to continue supporting the efforts of Pastor Salbashian. We are grateful for the help that we have received from many of you already. However, the needs persist and we cannot continue this work without additional help. Will you reach out again? Because of your donation, many will be helped and, maybe for the very first time, hear a message of hope and comfort. Thank you. To donate to this project, click here

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