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The French ‘Jungle’

The French ‘Jungle’

Over the weekend, Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) sent a team to Calais, France to work with the migrants and refugees waiting to cross into the United Kingdom.  Conditions continue to deteriorate within the camp, known as the 'Jungle'. Food is scarce, and the rainy season has begun. With temperatures dropping, the situation is already critical. French officials exacerbated the trouble last Monday when they gassed and bulldozed sections of the camp that had outgrown the land allotted by the government.  Other nearby camps were also dismantled in an effort to bring all refugees into one area. COHEU is coordinating teams to assist in cleaning the camp. Volunteers have been working hard to keep the area clear to avoid the threat of disease. Garbage bags must be removed from the camp to a separate area for city pickup. Two additional teams from the Brussels area will join cleaning efforts this weekend, as well as distribute supplies and practical assistance to the refugees and migrants. Thanks to our supporters, COHEU is continuing to provide gas burners and cooking supplies for families. Rain ponchos are in high demand, and 6,000 are ready for distribution this weekend. If you would like to contribute to relief efforts in the Jungle, click below! [su_button url="" target="blank" style="flat" background="#ed364b" size="8" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="0" icon="icon: heart-o" class="coheu"]SUPPORT THE JUNGLE[/su_button]

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The Plight Of A Refugee

The Plight of a Refugee

Europe is in the middle of the largest human migration since the Second World War. Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa has hundreds of thousands of immigrants fleeing their homes for safety and the hope of a better life. Syrians, Iraqis, and Eritreans form the largest factions of refugees after years of dealing with the ravages of war. Analysts estimate that over 107,000 asylum seekers entered Europe in the month of July, with August’s numbers predicted to be even higher. Jordan initially welcomed refugees from the Syrian conflict. Now that the Civil War continues into its fifth year, Jordan’s system is over-stretched by the numbers and has cut back the amount of aid available to the refugees. Security is also an issue in the camps, and crime rates are high. Many families are forced to choose between staying in an unsafe environment or finding safer shelter elsewhere, but making themselves ineligible for food assistance through the United Nations feeding programs. Many choose to leave the Middle East completely. Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Greece, and Italy see thousands of refugees cross their borders daily. Many die in the attempt, as exhibited by the 71 bodies found asphyxiated last week in the back of a semi-trailer run by a human trafficker. Others drown when their overloaded boats capsize crossing into Greece and Italy by sea. There is no shortage of dangers on the journey into Europe, but for those who have nothing left behind them, the chance to start over is worth the risk. The European Union has called an emergency meeting for the 15th of September to discuss options, though a final solution will not be easy or quick. In the meantime, refugees remain scattered throughout Europe, many living in hastily formed camps without adequate meals, clothing, or shelter. In Calais, asylum seekers waiting to cross into the United Kingdom are grouped together in tents by nationality in a dangerous area called the “Jungle.” Sanitary conditions are appalling, and they are only provided with one meal per day, usually a variation of beans. The stories are endless, and Convoy of Hope Europe is taking action. For over two years, Convoy of Hope Europe has been supporting a feeding program in two parts of Jordan for Syrian refugees. These refugees are families who have chosen to leave the UN camps because of security issues and have thus lost all government food assistance. In January of 2015, another feeding program was added for a refugee camp in Bulgaria. In total, Convoy of Hope Europe is supporting feeding programs reaching 5,000 refugees throughout Europe and the Middle East. Now, as the crisis intensifies, we are ready to intensify our efforts as well. New partnerships have been formed with church in France to start work in the “Jungle” of Calais, reaching refugees physically, socially, and spiritually. With your help, we can provide food and basic shelter for two thousand refugees. We can clean up the sanitary conditions of the camp, installing temporary toilets and digging drainage ditches. We want to restore dignity to those who have lost everything. At a time when hope is the lowest, we want to share a new Hope for the future, but we cannot do it without you.

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