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A Time for Rabbits

valtrex over the counter canada In the country of Moldova, poverty is the norm. Caught between the East and West, Moldova is a former Soviet nation taken from its mother country of Romania by Tsar Nicholas of Russia right before the Soviet Revolution in 1917. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Moldova has struggled to develop an independent national identity. It is the poorest country in Europe. The level of poverty in some villages rivals what you would see in Africa or South America, but definitely not what you would expect to see in Europe.

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aciclovir tablets order Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) developed the Adopt-A-Community program around areas like these, where organizations and churches can make a long-term investment into improving conditions for those stuck in the perpetuating cycle of poverty. For those who cannot make a long-term investment, COHEU has alternate programs that can still make an incredible impact.

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levolin inhaler price in india The latest program involves providing groups of rabbits for families to raise and breed. Since female rabbits can safely provide up to 10 babies every two months, raising them can provide food and a source of income for people otherwise out of work.

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aciclovir tablets where to buy This affordable and sustainable solution has the potential to significantly impact lives in Moldova, as well as initiating meaningful relationships between the people in the community and our local partners.

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cost of safe lipo To find out more about how you can be involved, contact us at info@convoyofhope.eu!

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