The Professor

The Math Professor

pulmicort cost Michael was a professor of mathematics at a university in Ethiopia until he was thrown in prison for two months due to his involvement in a political protest in Addis Ababa. Prisoners were only allowed to go to the toilet once per day, and the guards put laxatives in their food to cause intestinal problems and torture them. Michael soon stopped eating the prison food entirely, and only ate what his family members could sneak in when they visited. When he was released, Michael knew he would never be allowed to work in Ethiopia again, so he left his country and headed north. Since he speaks English fluently, he hoped to reach England.

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lotrisone cream where to buy Even considering the conditions he left, he was shocked by the rough living in the camp in Calais. After a failed attempt to get through the Channel Tunnel which left him limping heavily, he met some COHEU representatives based in the camp. The couple brought Michael to their home in Calais and that night prayed together for his leg, which felt immediately better.

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kamagra 4 you co uk Back in the camp, he was assaulted and wounded by someone using a tent pole as a weapon. The couple brought him back to their home and cared for him for a few weeks. They spoke together about how the teachings of Jesus compel them to show love and care for those in need. Michael decided to become a follower of Jesus too. Eventually Michael made it to England, and still keeps in regular contact with our team in Calais.

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