The Father

The Father

ranitidine cost Christians are not the only group of people persecuted for their faith in the Middle East. Kurds have been a persecuted minority in Syria, Iraq, and Iran for centuries, and those who follow the Yezidi faith are considered devil worshippers by ISIS. Banding together at the outset of the civil war, Kurdish forces represent an independent faction fighting to retain control of a section of captured land they now call Kurdistan.

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benzac uk boots Soran and Rona and their children are Yezidi Kurds staying at a refugee camp in Bulgaria. They fled Syria when a bomb destroyed their house, and are on their way to Germany. Since arriving at the camp, they have become very familiar with the Convoy of Hope Oasis Center, and come regularly for meals and other assistance. Since the Bulgarian government only offers refugees poor quality housing for three months, Soran wants to bring his family to Germany where they would be offered a two year stipend and an apartment for the family.

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arava usa Soran and Rona do not plan to stay in Germany indefinitely. Instead they hope to use their time to find work and save up money. They are already looking for the day the war will be over and they can return to Syria/Kurdistan and begin life anew.

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